Are you planning to join an upcoming trade show? Then one of the things you need to prepare is your sales booth.

One of the main goals of a trade show is to create customer engagement. Through the event, you can interact with your target market. And through a well-designed trade show booth, you can capture the attendees’ attention.

Once they enter your booth, you can start accomplishing various sales tasks. You can discuss your latest products in detail. You can offer all sorts of promotional materials.

You can highlight the strengths of your brand.

Thus, you need to ensure your booth is complete in all aspects. But what if you’re too swamped and you miss an important item? What if something comes up and you fail to put up your booth in time?

Continue reading below as we discuss the benefits of hiring a delivery service.

Your Trade Show Booth: Making It More Engaging

We earlier mentioned that a well-designed booth is essential in attracting prospective customers. Before we discuss the advantages of hiring a sales booth delivery service, you must first focus on the essentials behind an effective booth.

If you wish to create an engaging booth, start making noise days before the event. Reach out to your contacts and tell them exactly where they can find your sales booth during the event.

Furthermore, take a step further by tapping influencers and local bloggers. If you are launching a new product, the best way to create buzz is through the help of bloggers and influencers.

Also, consider connecting with different trade publications.

Moreover, don’t forget to use your social media platforms. Schedule your social media posts and always mention the trade event. Include your exact booth number.

Consider launching promos and games during the event.

Invest in a photo booth for the event. Photo booths are visitor magnets. People love taking photos and sharing fun moments.

You can also ask the photo booth provider to publish the photos on Instagram and Twitter. In turn, this creates more traction for your brand and the event.

Lastly, launch contests and invest in giveaways. Just make sure all the items arrive on time. It is best to hire a service that ships even on the same day.

Sales Booth Delivery Service: Why You Need Them

With a lot of areas to cover when setting up your booth, there is always the risk of forgetting something. But with a little help from a booth delivery service, you can lighten your load and relieve some of the pressure. Here are the reasons to consider hiring a booth delivery service at your next trade event.

1. They Arrive On Time

When you hire a professional delivery service, you can expect your exhibit items to arrive on time. This is practically their primary task, which is to deliver your items not a second too late.

If you choose to take your booth collateral yourself, you are exposing them to several risks. As we earlier said, there is the possibility of forgetting things.

Moreover, you may not have enough space in your vehicles to transport everything. In turn, you will need to take another trip back to your headquarters to pick up the remaining stuff.

During the trip, your vehicle may malfunction. This will cause further delay in setting up your booth.

But hiring a professional delivery service will keep these risks at bay.

2. Damage-Free 

On-time arrival of your sale booth items is only half of the story. The other half is ensuring the items arrive without any damages.

Hiring a professional booth delivery service ensures the safety of your items. This covers the time they pick up your items from Point A until they reach Point B, which is the trade show.

Professional delivery service providers use methods to secure items during transport. They make sure that the goods are well in place with proper cushioning.

This is crucial especially during long trips with challenging routes. When your items arrive in excellent condition, you can set up your booth faster.

3. That Perfect Setup

And speaking of setting up your booth, hiring a professional delivery company will help ensure a perfect setup. Professional delivery companies will make sure the items are complete. They will set up the items exactly how you want them to be.

Since they are taking over the setup, your team can focus on other tasks. This helps you save time and resources.

3. Tracking Precision

Professional delivery providers use a special tracking system. They use a computerized master list to ensure nothing is missing. It’s also important to determine whether something got lost along the way.

4. Safe Dismantling

Though much of the work comes before and during the event, there is still the task of dismantling your booth. Thankfully, the delivery service provider can shoulder the responsibility.

These companies know that exhibitors want to go home after a grueling three-day event. And if you will still handle the dismantling of the booth, the chances of mishandling your equipment and damaging hardware becomes high.

Delivery companies use an effective dismantling method. This helps ensure the safety of the items during dismantling.

5. Storage 

Last but not least, is the benefit of storage. There may be times when your office is full and you don’t have enough space to dump your exhibit hardware. And if you’re going to use them again in a week or two, you need temporary storage options to keep the items safe in the meantime.

Thankfully, there are delivery service providers that also offer storage options. They can keep your exhibit materials and keep them safe until the next trade show.

Enjoy Dependable Shipping, Today!

Packing your sales booths with all the essentials is crucial in a successful trade show. And with the help of a reputable courier and logistics service provider, you can rest knowing all your exhibit tools are safe and complete.

And if you want those items to reach the venue on time, we will gladly help you with that. We provide pre-scheduled and on-demand services, as well as warehousing and air freight door-to-door deliveries.

Connect with us today and request a free quote. Enjoy topnotch delivery services, today!


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